Carp herpes virus effective in US river

Hopefull carp could soon be a thing of the past in Australian waterways.

THE National Carp Control Plan Coordinator, Matt Barwick, said a new scientific paper out of the United States offers clues as to how the highly invasive and environmentally destructive reign of carp could be stopped. 

Recent research shows the very same carp virus being considered for use to control carp in Australia is the chief suspect in causing the multi-decadal population collapse among Common carp in the Upper Mississippi River System in the United States.  

The news is covered in a research paper titled; ‘Widespread and enduring demographic collapse of invasive common carp (Cyprinus carpio) in the Upper Mississippi River System’

The study from the Mississippi River suggests carp herpes virus has driven a long-term decline in carp populations, helping native species rebound.

The study analysed data from fish surveys conducted across 5 U.S. states since 1957. Over 84,000 carp were sampled, with catch rates falling by over 80% (and up to 98%).

This work may “provide insights about the potential future demography of common carp in Australia following the introduction of the virus.”

View the scientific paper at this link.

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