Cod Condos for Little Murray

Ten “Cod Condos” have been built by members of the Lake Boga Men’s Shed for deployment in the Little Murray River, Victoria. 

VOLUNTEERS from the Lake Boga Men’s Shed in Victoria have been building fish havens as part of the North Central Catchment Management Authority’s Native Fish Recovery Plan.

The 10 fish havens, along with 10 large snag piles will be installed in the Little Murray River downstream of Little Murray Weir to boost native fish populations including Murray cod, golden and silver perch and catfish.

The project is being funded through Recreational Fishing Licence Fees.

The fish havens, or “Cod Condos” as they are known, will provide a rest area for fish in high flows and act as a refuge from predators.

Native fish also like to use them as spawning sites and some use them as territorial markers.

Fish havens also promote algae and bacteria growth, which attracts invertebrates (water bugs), an important part of the fish food web.

The fish havens will add value to other works being undertaken in the Little Murray River, including the construction of two new fishways, re-snagging between the two weirs, and provision of fish friendly flows.

To learn more about the Native Fish Recovery Plan, click HERE.

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