Compulsory lifejackets for NSW rock fishers

Image: Scott Thomas

ROCK fishers in NSW will be forced to wear lifejackets under legislation announced today.

NSW Emergency Services Minister David Elliot said the new laws would be introduced soon, according to a report on the ABC.

“What we are saying to the people of NSW today is that if you enjoy rock-fishing, that’s fantastic, but we want you to get home. You have to wear a life-jacket if you are in a high-risk area,” said the Minister.

“Unfortunately, it has taken 37 deaths for this legislation to come through.”

Elliot said the penalties for not wearing a life jacket in these areas would be similar to those for on-water activities.

“This is legislation that has been forced on the Government because people have not heeded the public safety campaigns in the past,” Mr Elliot said.

The ABC reported there will be a 12-month grace period after the laws are introduced.

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