Croc of a bass trip!

FISHING World writer Kris Sweres made an interesting discovery while on a recent bass fishing trip near to his home base in south-east Queensland.

While enjoying some splendid bassin’ action in the company of his old man, Kris spotted what appeared to be a saltwater crocodile, holed up gurading a river snag.  

While Kris said the sighting initially scared the s***! out of the pair, closer inspection revealed the croc was only a styrofoam version that some wag had thrown into the river for a laugh…

inline_2_ Kris 550 2.jpg

Sweres senior with a nice bass caught in “croc river”.

inline_188_ Kris 550.jpg

What the…?!

inline_362_ Kris 550 3.jpg

The rogue croc after capture awaits its fate.   

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