Daiwa Black Label rods

DAIWA’S Black Label “Versatile” rod range is designed as the all-rounder style series. Daiwa says these rods are designed for the majority of lure fishing methods including use with hard body lures, crankbaits, vibrations, topwaters and more.

The Black Label Versatile series shares similar cosmetic styling with the Technical series, with the Versatile series combining a soft tip action and lifting power with superior hook setting power to suit hard body and soft plastic fishing techniques. Features include:
Versatile lure castings series; HVF graphite blanks; Bias wrap construction; Xtorque; RR(reduced resistance guide system); Fuji Sic Guides; Daiwa surround hold reel seats;  EVA grips; Custom alloy componentry; Technique specific action.

Model specs:
631 ULFS SPIN 6’3’/1.91m 1 ULTRA LIGHT FAST 1/64 – 1/8oz 1.5-4lb
691 ULFS SPIN 6’9″/2.06m 1 ULTRA LIGHT FAST 1/64 – 1/8 oz 2 – 4 lb
691 MLFS SPIN 6’9″/2.06m 1 MEDIUM LIGHT FAST 1/16 – 1/4oz 4 – 6 lb
6101 LFS SPIN 6’10″/2.08m 1 LIGHT FAST 1/32 – 3/16 oz 3 – 5 lb
722 MHRS SPIN 7’2″/2.18m 2 MEDIUM HEAVY REGULAR 1/8 – ¾ oz 8 – 20 lb
762 MLFS SPIN 7’6″/2.29m 2 MEDIUM LIGHT FAST 1/16 – ¼ oz 4 – 6 lb

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