Comment: Federal Marine Park decision at risk

Image: Scott Thomas

FISHOS could be forgiven for thinking we’d won the battle after the recent round of draft Federal Marine Park proposals were released in July. Maps revealed far less green no-fishing zones and a more sensible balanced approach compared with earlier drafts.

The favourable result wasn’t an accident. A unified and strong rec fishing lobby had successfully engaged leaders and convinced, rightly so, the true value of Australia’s giant rec fishing participation.

The vast majority of rec fishos were happy with the proposal and willing to compromise on what looked like a balanced approach to federal fisheries management. Unfortunately “compromise” isn’t a word often used by green groups. Since July, extreme environmental groups, some backed by US-based PEW, have been in close talks with federal politicians attempting to sway it back in their favour. These same groups embarked on a shock campaign via social media and email databases. The threats were greatly exaggerated and full of emotion. Supporters were mobilised and urged to fight back… And they did!

For these groups, balance isn’t an option; it’s all-or-nothing.

Is it working for these groups? According to industry insiders, yes, they have gained significant ground, and with two days left before submissions close, we’re in real danger of the draft proposal reverting back to original “Burke plan” which would see some 1.3 million square kilometres of ocean locked away to Australian fishos.

Is it too late? Almost! If you haven’t clicked on the link below and made a submission, drop everything and do it now. This is your last opportunity to make a difference and keep Australia open for fishing.

Submissions close Wednesday 20 September https://parksaustralia.gov.au/marine/get-involved/have-your-say/

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