Friday, March 1, 2024

Marine parks petition

An online petition is calling for a moratorium on the creation of more NSW marine parks.

A joint initiative between NSW recreational fishing body, ECOFishers, and NSW Nationals Andrew Stoner and Duncan Gay, the website is just the latest example of growing opposition to the state’s current marine park “lockout” policy.   

According to Nationals leader Andrew Stoner, “it’s time NSW Labor heard the message that fishermen will not be locked out of their own waterways.”

“Decisions surrounding marine parks need to be based on proper scientific research, rather than on winning Greens preferences at election time.”

Stoner also says “if elected in 2011, a Coalition Government will deliver good marine parks policies to properly protect NSW’s marine environment, while making sure that future generations of recreational fishers are not locked out of prime fishing areas.”

To join the campaign to call for an immediate moratorium on the creation of more marine parks in NSW log on to and sign your name.

The website currently has over 2000 petition signatures.





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