Fingermark from hell!

ANYONE who has caught a big fingermark on spin gear is sure to attest to the impressive fighting ability of this member of the lutjanid family – a connection that sees the fish related to such brutal battlers as the mangrove jack and Papua New Guinea’s black and spot-tail bass. 

Fisho last week received this pic of an impressive fingermark (or “goldie” as they’re often known) caught by Pure Fishing’s Mitch Birt on a Gulp softie off Townsville in north Queensland.

Birt’s fingermark measured just under a metre in length at 96cm. Interestingly, according to growth studies on fingermark done in the NT, a fish of 90cm is believed to be over 32 years old. If that’s the case Mitch’s fingermark is one old fish!

Hopefully it went back to breed and fight another day…

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