Fish hook causes flesh-eating infection

After pricking his hand with a fish hook, black bubbles rose on the man’s hand (image: Meateater via Facebook).

A FLORIDA man is recovering from a major health scare after a minor fishing accident. The man was fishing offshore last month when he pricked himself with a fishing hook. He thought nothing of it and simply removed the lure, as he had done many times before.

Back on shore later that day, according to an article on The Meateater website, the man’s palm began to swell and throb uncomfortably. He went to a local hospital for treatment, where he was given antibiotics and sent home.

The next morning the swelling and discomfort had intensified and black bubbles rose on his hand and arm. “I had like little blisters starting to form on my hand and you could watch like sweat beads coming up on the side of my hand, and then they just turned black,” he said. 

Specialists diagnosed him with necrotising fasciitis, which is an incredibly rare, flesh-eating bacteria. Doctors told the man he was lucky to be alive as they took him into surgery. “They said in a few hours, this would have gone up my arm into my chest and I wouldn’t have been there,” the man said.

You can read the full article HERE.

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