Fishing in the mainstream

EARLIER this week Fishing World reported on the growing trend towards mainstream media reporting of recreational fishing. (See related story)

Another example of this long overdue trend followed this week with another story in the Sydney Morning Herald. The feature, Cast away: waiting game is over for anglers as rivers come alive with fish by SMH’s rural reporter Saffron Howden, was a positive piece about the upcoming NSW trout season.

“FOR years they have stood on the banks of sluggish, tepid rivers sucked dry by drought with nary a nibble at the end of their line,” wrote Howden.

“But the fisher’s luck is about to change.”

“Two years of drought-breaking rain combined with a massive restocking program across NSW’s river systems is expected to make this season the best freshwater fishing for more than a decade.”

“About 20 million fish, including rainbow, brown and brook trout, Atlantic salmon, golden and silver perch, Australian bass and Murray cod have been bred at fish farms and released into the state’s waterways in the past four years,” she wrote.

“In 2011-12 alone, five million were set free.”

And wth the numbers of Aussies who like to fish coincidentally numbering around five million, Fisho hopes reporting of rec fishing news in the mainstream media is a trend that’s here to stay… 

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