Thursday, February 29, 2024

Fishing on the Radio

FISHING and the role it plays in Australian culture is the subject of the Australia Talks program on ABC Radio National tomorrow evening (Tuesday, July 5).

Fisho editor Jim Harnwell and angling activist Martin Salter will be the two main guests of the show, which is presented by Paul Barclay and broadcast nationally at 6pm (4pm in WA). Save Our Marine Life Alliance spokesman Tim Nicol and Dr Renae Tobin, from the Fishing and Fisheries Research Centre at James Cook University, will also be interviewed.

According to the Radio National Website, the program will discuss the cultural aspects of recreational fishing and the role it plays in Australia’s society. It will also outline the “threats” facing anglers, particularly the spread of marine parks and loss of access to fishing areas. All up, it promises to be a lively and interesting debate.

For details on the program, go to For info on how you can make comments before, during and after the program, go to You can call 1300 22 55 76 during the show to join in the discussion. Jim and Martin will no doubt appreciate your support!
Click on to tune into Radio National from anywhere in Australia.

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