Free E-Book on the mighty mulloway!

IN a special treat for Fisho readers, veteran jewie fishing expert Brian Hay has penned a book on his experiences chasing this mighty sportfish at Sydney’s Broken Bay – and has kindly offered the book FREE to download!    

The author describes the 121-page Broken Bay Mulloway as “some recollections about the fish and the rock and beach fishermen who chased them.”

This detailed book documents the period from 1960–2012.

Hay told Fisho “As I have fished this area extensively since I was a young boy and know it very well I wanted to record some of what previously happened in this once prolific fishery.

“It was not written for commercial purposes and I offer it to you or your readers without charge.”

Here’s an opening introduction to Broken Bay Mulloway:

This article was never intended to be a “How to catch a jew story” but at times it may read that way when I tell of techniques and tackle we often used. Remember too that these recollections span a fifty year time period and right throughout all of these years many things continually changed and we certainly ended up fishing a lot differently in the finish to the way we did back when we first started. There was no research needed for these notes and all the recollections are from my own observations and experiences and the way I fished.

All I can ask is that readers try to be a bit patient with me as I’m not all that comfortable writing about myself and I’ve yet to learn the trick of writing of my own activities without actually mentioning myself. These bits and pieces of advice, notes and observations are not just theories but the way things actually were and what I had to find out the hard way over countless fishless nights. Some may not agree on my ideas, methods or well meaning advice but I’m not asking you to, simply take it or leave it.

Download Brian Hay’s Broken Bay Mulloway HERE. 

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