GME celebrates 60 years

GME operates from a modern, purpose-built facility in Sydney’s west.

FOR more than 60 years, GME has been active in the communication technology space. The company remains a family owned operation and is proudly 100% Australian owned.

The GME journey started in 1959 as Standard Components Pty Ltd, founded by Edward Dunn. Originally, they specialised in TV tuner reconditioning before branching out into other aspects of TV services with their range of Kingray products in 1964. The flagship product was their Masthead Amplifier, which was used to amplify TV signals to allow for people in remote areas to have a higher-quality TV signal.

In 1972 Dunn partnered with a close friend, Phil Dulhunty, to form Greenwich Marine Electronics, better known today as GME. It was at this time they began to venture into the communications industry as a distributor of 27 MHz marine radios. Later in the decade they began their journey into the 27 MHz CB Market and began manufacturing their own designs at the beginning of the 80s.

Their first EPIRB was developed in 1979, just as the regulations changed from the 2.182MHz frequency to the newly adopted distress frequency of 121.5 MHz. The initial model, the MT242, was far different from the products of today but served its purpose well and assisted in the saving of lives.

GME’s first EPIRB was developed in 1979.

Over the years GME products have evolved from the simplicity of the times to become more advanced as the company adapts to the ever-changing demands and expectations of our customers. Our emergency beacons are now 406 MHz and have the added options of GPS, automatic water-activation and float free capabilities. Our marine radio range has also taken on changes as they have become more durable, have distress call options and man overboard (MOB) functionality.

Our CB Radios have evolved the most over the years with the days of push-to-talk being the only feature now long gone. GME was the first company to bring selective calling into the CB Radio market in the early 90s with their TX4000 model. Now selective calling is standard in many of their UHF CB Radios and the company have pushed the boundaries even further with the release of the first connected UHF CB Platform – XRS Connect, in 2016. This range of radios is compatible with smart devices via Bluetooth to enable the user to personalise the settings of their XRS, use apps (Location Services and XRS Connect) and download firmware updates.

This innovation and drive have been generated in Sydney’s west, where GME operates from a modern, purpose-built facility. This facility houses all aspects of the business from manufacturing and engineering capabilities to warehousing, sales and marketing teams. GME currently employs over 195 staff and continues their on-going commitment to Australian design and manufacturing. 

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