Halco Twisty Jigs

THE Halco Twisty has been one of the most popular metal casting lures in this country for several decades. Designed from the original chromed brass metal slices that were the mainstay of spinning lures, this design has stood the test of time as it catches fish. The Twisty curves the ends of the underlying brass rod to bend an S Shape in the lure that greatly increases the action on retrieve. The new jig design incorporates a big single hook on braided leader that gives a much more solid hook-up that can be achieved with the treble hook. These lures were designed by Halco to meet the demands of the increasingly popular jigging market in WA targeting samson fish, and are also very popular for anglers targeting salmon.

The flash and fluttering action on the sink is very appealing to kingfish, amberjack, samson, coral trout and mackerel. When targeting toothy critters the braid should be changed to wire. Twisty jigs are an extremely effective casting lure that has survived in a competitive market longer than just about any other lure. The new single hook models will hook and hold even bigger fish better, and are well worth carrying as their versatility mean they can be used for casting, jigging and trolling.

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By David Green

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