Here come the tuna!

The annual winter run of big tuna along the south eastern coast line is in full swing.

Fisho received numerous reports this week of big southern bluefin captures emanating offshore from the Victorian ports of Portland, Port Fairy, Warnambool and Port Macdonald. 

Many keen trailer boat fishermen have obviously been awaiting news of the winter tuna run, with reports of up to 400 boats fishing out of Portland last weekend.

Many crews have been lucky enough to tangle with some hefty southern bluefin, many over the 100kg mark. There have been reports of many southern bluefin tuna being caught in as close as the 40-70m depth mark, with the average size being between 15 and 20kgs.    

Amongst the notable captures by trailer boat and charter based fishos this week have been several SBTs topping the 110kg mark.  

Early this week Lee Rayner and the Adventure Bound team were filming for a future episode at Port Fairy when they lucked onto a bluefin of over 100kgs. Rayner’s capture will be shown on Adventure Bound in coming months – see attached pics.

inline_696_ Lee ms1.jpginline_3_ Lee 2 ms1.jpg

Other SBT catches of note this week included a record claim fish of 156.4 kg for Khal Kassab. This monster reportedly took over 2.5 hrs to land on 80lb tackle.

Other captures included a 129.5kg SBT for Manny Cassar and his father and a 122.7kg fish for Mark Busher. Many others around this mark were believed to have been caught out of Port Fairy but the capture details are not fully known.

Possibly the most meritorious capture of the week was by well known fishing writer and presenter Alistair McGlashan who after being locked into a monumental six hour and fifty minute battle was no doubt relieved when a 154.6 kg SBT was finally hauled aboard. The behemoth was taken on a trolled Halco Laser Pro lure (fitted with assist hooks) in a depth of 50m. It was reported that a missed gaff opportunity on McGlashan’s fish occured at around the three hour mark of the battle… A record claim has been lodged for this capture.   

inline_178_ bluefin ms1.jpg
Alistair McGlashan’s 154.6 kg SBT.

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