High hopes for Canberra fishing alliance

As reported by Fisho late last year, a new recreational fishing alliance is now operational in Canberra. The Capital Region Fishing Alliance (CRFA) was formed in 2009 by anglers in  the Australian Capital Territory in response to a lack of recognition by government and associated bodies to the social and economic benefits of recreational angling in the ACT.

The Canberra region was once acclaimed as a first rate fishery, but recanglers in the region say a lack of investment in the region’sfisheries has seen it diminish into a haven for carp and redfin. With the establishment of the CRFA  the ACT local government now has asingle point of contact for consultation and advice on bringing backthe fishery to its former glory.Early indications are that the ACT government are supportive and theCRFA has been invited to advise the ACT Government on possibilities andprojects for the future.

Established with funding from ACTGovernment Community Support and Infrastructure Grants, the CRFA is acollaboration of the ACT’s major fishing clubs, consisting of: ACT FlyFishers, Canberra Angler’s Association, Canberra Fisherman’s Club,Queanbeyan Anglers Club and the Vikings Fishing Club. The diversity ofthese clubs ensures all forms of angling arerepresented.

The CRFA is a registered association which will raise funds that can be used to directly improve the quality of recreational angling in the ACT. Politically, the CRFA aim to lobby, liaise and advise the local government to continuously consider its four principal goals for any matters relating to recreational angling or the environment where recreational angling does or could occur. Those four goals are:

  • Enhancing fish stocking activity of desirable recreational angling species
  • Improving, restoring and enhancing fish habitat
  • Ensuring access to quality fishing opportunities in the ACT
  • Actively seeking to increase angling participation in the ACT.

Residents of the ACT and surrounding region are encouraged to find out more by visiting the website

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