Hoodlum Lolly Pops

I CATCH Fishing Tackle has developed a new soft pre-rigged lure that’s aimed at big saltwater species. 

I Catch says its Hoodlum Series Lolly Pops feature durability and strength – all knots/hooks have been tested to resist in excess of 75kg pressure; the joining line between hooks is made of 150lb dyneema and has an added heat shrink layer for more protection. 

There are two sizes available – 12-inch and 8-inch – and both are pre-rigged with two extremely sharp and strong hooks. Colours available include pearl white, vibrant pink, and lumo.

Hoodlum Lolly Pops can be fished a number of ways from casting to trolling or downrigged. They feature an incredible high speed action which has the tail darting left to right whilst tracking straight.

They can be trolled at speeds of 8-12knots and even can be downrigged for those fussy eaters, and fished at any depth for snapper and bottom dwelling fish – the lumo colour in this range is highly visible at depth, just use a UV light to make it glow.



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