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PETER Morse is a Master Fly Casting Instructor with Fly Fishers International who has been teaching fly casting professionally for more than 25 years. He has fly fished the world and caught on fly more than 300 different species – everything from marlin to mullet. Justin Duggan is a very well known Sydney based saltwater fly fishing guide, and is also a noted, certified fly casting instructor. “Our experience in the wide world of fly fishing means we can deal with all levels of instruction and information”.

During these casting days Peter and Justin will also cover many of the different elements of fly fishing that are so often seen as mysterious – from leaders, knots and rigs, understanding flies, the different retrieves, how to bend a rod on a fish properly etc, but most importantly we’re focused on teaching you how to become a better fly caster.


The International Regatta Centre in Penrith. It’s less than an hour from almost anywhere in Sydney – straight down the M4 – a map and instructions will be provided when you book.

Cost is $175 pp for the day. The day begins with an 8am arrival, and an 8-30 start. Finish at 4-00pm.

What to bring – Hat and sunnies, (sunglasses are ESSENTIAL) lunch, snacks, water, and a chair. Appropriate clothing for the weather forecast. Bring a notebook as well.

If you are a beginner and have some fly fishing tackle please bring it. If you have no gear we can supply some set ups.


Beginners – what is thing called fly fishing?

23rd June

Where do I start?

What gear do I need?

How does it work?

Practise makes better……………..

Level – Beginner , struggler, hacker.

Beginners – what is this thing called fly fishing?

30th June

Where do I start?

What gear do I need?

How does it work?

Practise makes better……………..

Level – Beginner, struggler, hacker.

Accuracy and Roll Cast sessions

14th July.

Morning – Accuracy matters (much more then you think). There are a vital set of skills for consistent accuracy, whether at 20 feet or 80 feet. These skills will also add to your overall casting.

Afternoon – The Essential Roll Cast. The roll cast is a vital skill for many reasons. It is one of the fundamental casts and is used in many more situations than having “insufficient room for a backcast”. Level – Beginner – Intermediate

Increase your distance

21st July

Morning session – No matter where you are on your fly fishing journey we all want to cast further. These days are dedicated to increasing your casting distance no matter where your starting point is.

Afternoon – The Presentation casts. Dealing with the wind, casting big flies, presenting flies to your best advantage. Not all casts are about landing everything straight. Once we learn how to present a straight line we need to learn how to throw a line with a controlled layout that is determined by the presentation we need to make to a certain situation. Level Intermediate+

Saltwater fly fishing

28th July

Fundamental skills, from distance, speed, accuracy, and including using 2 handed rods off the rocks and beaches, dealing with the wind, Casting BIG flies, the different retrieves. All Levels.

Contact: Justin on 0414 961 221 or email

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