Mako 120 cm limit dumped

The proposed introduction of a 120 cm minimum size for mako sharks will not proceed.

GAME anglers who chase mako sharks offshore will benefit from an education and awareness campaign on the species to be led by VRFish. 

Victorian Fisheries Authority CEO Travis Dowling said recent consultation on the proposed introduction of a 120 cm minimum size for mako sharks had not been widely supported by anglers and would not proceed. 

“Feedback through the consultation process suggested that an education and awareness campaign would do more for juvenile mako sharks and the survival of released mako sharks,” Mr Dowling said. 

“We took the VRFish proposal for a mako minimum size to the fishing community and received nearly 200 submissions during the public consultation period, which closed recently on Friday 8 June. 

“The overwhelming majority of submissions supported an education campaign rather than regulation. 

“We have listened to the recreational anglers on this proposal and decided that a different path will reach a similar outcome, which is a win-win for anglers and the species.” 

Mr Dowling said that saltwater fishing in Victoria was in great shape currently. 

“We have fantastic fishing in our marine waters for southern bluefin tuna, kingfish, gummy sharks, snapper, King George whiting and game-sharks like makos. 

“We’ve also brought an end to commercial net fishing in Corio Bay, which will be extended to all of Port Phillip in 2022, leaving more fish for recreational anglers and their families. 

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