Megabass Oz-only colours

MEGABASS lures have been highly praised by anglers for their high quality life-like finishes and actions. Now Megabass has released a range of Australia-only colours in three of the most popular lures – PopX, Baby PopX and the Dog X Jnr.

These colours are only available in Australian tackle stores and have been specifically crafted for local species such as bream and bass.

There are two new colours in the PopX and baby PopX, SMB: a jet black with a silver/blue back in snakeskin pattern, and the Hot Shrimp RBII, a wicked fluorescent pink underbelly with a yellow flouro head and orange tiger stripes along the sides.

In the DogX Jnr there are four new colours: Skeleton Tenessee, Orochi, Chart Head OB and Hachiro Reaction. The Orochi has a white underbelly with brown/gold topsides all with a cool snakeskin appearance. The other colours are all semi translucent with various colour patterns such as reds, silvers and flouro oranges and yellows.

They are available now.

Visit for more details.

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