Mustad In-line singles hook you up

THE full size range of Mustad’s popular In-line Single 10121NPDT hook is now available.

Mustad says its single hook’s design is eminently suitable for our local hard hitting and fighting species, whether you are chasing trout on the troll or world record sized GTs on the cast.

With sizes ranging from 8 through to 8/0, the In-line Single has a big eye, a thick gauge and a short length to provide the maximum strength. The short shank does not allow the hook to bend out and the forged bend gives even greater strength.

The hook point is curved slightly inwards for more direct hook penetration and the short barb allows even easier penetration of the hook point. This rolled in point also means fewer fish will be lost when they jump and shake their heads.

With an Ultra Point hook point and a Duratin finish these Mustad hooks are made to be used in the salt, while also perfect
in any freshwater situation.

Check out the Mustad In-line Single (10121NPDT) at your nearest tackle store.

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