New publication on silver perch

Silver perch are protectedn in NSW and if accidentally caught must be retuyrned to the water unharmed.

DID you know that silver perch is a threatened species under NSW and Commonwealth law? Historically they were common throughout most of the Murray-Darling river system, but there has been a significant decline in their distribution and abundance due to a range of factors, including habitat modification and destruction, competition from introduced species and modification of natural river flows.

Limited fishing is permitted for silver perch in listed stocked impoundments and private dams. There are heavy penalties for fishing for the species from rivers and streams within the Murray-Darling river system, so it is important that anglers can identify silver perch and are familiar with the fishing rules.

DPI fisheries has recently produced a brochure on silver perch called “Protecting Silver Perch: A guide for fishers and land managers” which can be downloaded HERE

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