Night time fishing ban lifted for Geelong Star factory trawler

ABC News has reported the Australian Fisheries Management Authority (AFMA) has lifted the ban on night time fishing for factory trawler, the Geelong Star.

The restriction was originally put in place after the trawler killed several dolphins and seals.

AFMA said there was a “trigger limit” on dolphin deaths, which means if any more were killed, the fishing zone in question would be closed for six months, according to the ABC report.

AFMA said Geelong Star operator Seafish Tasmania had taken additional measures to reduce the risk of marine mammal interactions.

ABC said the authority has yet to decide whether it will replace the Small Pelagic Fishery Resource Assessment Group, a body that provided scientific advice on fishing.

The group was disbanded earlier in the year, after the ABC revealed the former chair of the group had quit over a perceived conflict of interest.

The decision is set to further anger recreational fishers and environmental groups.

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