NSW Government passes 28 day boat trailer impounding

MINISTER for Roads in NSW Duncan Gay and Minister for Local Government Paul Toole have announced new measures which could see boat trailers impounded after 28 days if parked on NSW streets.

Under the changes that passed NSW Parliament overnight, boat trailers can be impounded if they are left in the same place for more than 28 days, but only in target areas where they are causing problems. This would likely be inner city areas with close access to waterways.

According to the Government, the new laws give councils flexibility to opt-in to the scheme. This means large areas across the State where on-street parking of boat trailers is not a community issue will be unaffected.

Mr Gay said the changes are aimed at stopping the repeat boat trailer parking offenders, freeing up valuable parking spaces for residents, especially in high density waterside locations such as Drummoyne and Vaucluse.

“In some cases residents have had boats parked outside their homes and apartments for months on end by people who live outside the area – this is about striking a balance between boat owners and other residents,” Mr Gay said.

“In areas where Councils apply the new laws boat owners will be on notice. If they don’t have a residential parking permit for their boat trailer, they will only be able park on the same block for up to 28 days.”

Boat owners will be warned and then will have 15 days to move their boat trailer and avoid it being impounded.

Rolling a boat trailer a metre down the road won’t comply. Under the new scheme, if an owner moves a boat trailer – it must be shifted at least a block away.

The NSW Government has also set aside $5 million to help establish off-street boat trailer parking and will work with local councils, boating and storage industries to identify opportunities.

Jeff Richards from the Boat Owners Association said no consultation had taken place with boat owners over the latest amended to the law.

“The Government has stabbed owners of boat trailers in the back with the approval of an amendment to the proposed changes to the Impounding Act that effectively removes the right of the owners of registered trailers to park their trailers in a public street,” said Richards.


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