NSW freshwater anglers lobby for yabby net ban

Freshwater anglers are lobbying for a ban on opera house nets in NSW.

THE NSW Council of Freshwater Anglers (NSWCFA) has lobbied the NSW Minister for Primary Industries to introduce a ban on the use and possession of enclosed “opera house” yabby traps in NSW. The NSWCFA considers enclosed yabby traps a threat to native animals as well as to the social licence that recreational fishers need to preserve in NSW.

The harm caused by enclosed yabby traps in NSW has long been an environmental and animal welfare concern. Many freshwater anglers are keen yabby fishers but have converted to open-style traps over recent years. Platypus, turtles and rakali (Australian water rat) are killed by enclosed yabby traps. These opera house traps are funnel traps of durable mesh and double entry rings on each end of the trap, with an enclosed roof. They are widely available and relatively cheap.

The NSWCFA is lobbying the NSW Minister for Primary Industries, both directly and through their members on the Recreational Fishing NSW Advisory Council, to introduce a ban on this type of enclosed yabby trap. The Victorian Government has already moved to a state-wide ban on not only use but possession of yabby traps in the rivers and wetlands, effective from July 1, 2019.

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