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STORM’S So-Run Sinking Pencil is a lipless stickbait designed to dart and glide through the water when twitched on a semi-aggressive retrieve.

This irregular darting and gliding action is ideal for fish that have become accustomed to the straight swimming action of regular minnow lures.

Like all hard baits in the So-Run category, the Sinking Pencil is optimally weighted to cast long distances. The Sinking Pencil enables you to cover the water column extensively, giving you the ability to trigger a reaction bite from a lurking predator.

Although it sinks quickly, the Sinking Pencil can be fished shallow with a running depth of approximately 0.4 metres, making it ideal for casting at schools of busting pelagics. Measuring 8cm in length and weighing 18 grams, the So-Run Sinking Pencil is perfect for imitating small baitfish and tricking fussy fish.

Available in a range of baitfish inspired patterns that utilise premium transparent, painted, glitter and UV enhanced finishes.

Each lure comes standard with premium VMC nickel plated hooks.


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