Pick your favourite Fisho cover

THE look of Fishing World magazine has changed markedly since Ron Calcutt’s inception of the mag as The Australian Angler back in the late 1960s. This point was highlighted recently while rifling through a box of old issues of the mag in the Fisho office. In the process, some early issues of the groundbreaking Angler were revisited, their black and white pages and iconic cover images evocative of an exciting bygone era in Australian sport fishing. 

As a result of this step back in time we thought it’d be fun to get the thoughts of our readers on the covers you liked, or didn’t!

As you’ll see from the random selection below, a large variety of images has graced the Fisho cover over the years including well known sporting and fishing identities Doug Walters, Evonne Cawley, Lefty Kreh and Rex Hunt.

Let us know your thoughts via the Comments section below – to make it interesting the most interesting, funny or creative comment will receive a prize – just make sure you include your email address in the tab when you submit comments.      

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