Prevent tippet tangles

Most fly fishers have had the mildly irritating experience when rigging up of trying to locate the end of the tippet among the coils of leader and line on a fly reel.

Now C&F Design have solved this problem with a clever little gadget called the Tippet Holder. This little fly reel accessory is about the size and shape of a small button and comprised of a flat disc body with an elastomer cap. Tippet Holder self-affixes to any flat surface of the reel body. The tippet is simply pulled under the soft rubber cap to be held securely and without damage.

So unobtrusive is the Tippet Holder when affixed to the cage of the reel it appears as an integral component.

They come supplied in a pack of 2, black in colour with a $14.95 RRP.

Enquiries to Mayfly Tackle Pty Ltd on (03) 9899 0034.



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