Reborn Spinfisher

CONSIDERED the top saltwater spinning reel by many saltwater anglers worldwide, the new Penn Spinfisher SSV continues the 50-year legacy for the light tackle spinning reel that started in 1963.

According to its makers, this fifth-generation Spinfisher reel has no rivals. The full-metal body including sideplate and rotor is built to withstand the rigours of saltwater use and delivers an exceptionally tough and rigid body.

The watertight design with six separate seals (nine on the rear mounted Live Liner models) and the truly sealed HT-100 Slammer Drag keeps the internal workings dry.

The unique sealed Slammer Drag system boasts three HT100 drag washers, one on top of the spool and two oversize washers underneath the spool, all greased for smoothness and longevity.

The 11 reel series includes three Live Liner models (SSV4500LL, SFV6500LL and SFV8500LL).

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