Friday, March 1, 2024

Rec fishing inquiry underway

The NSW Legislative Council’s Inquiry into recreational fishing is currently in full swing with a number of hearings already held in Sydney.

The Inquiry is being overseen by a select committee appointed by the Legislative Council, with the aim of inquiring into and reporting on the benefits and opportunities that improved recreational fisheries may represent for rec fishers in NSW.

Individuals, businesses, clubs and associations have made written submissions and many have appeared before the Inquiry to be quizzed on their views and submissions. Those appearing before the inquiry thus far have included a cross section of marine scientists and representatives of various recreational and commercial fishing and diving interests and the fishing media.

From what Fisho has read so far of the lengthy transcripts posted from the first two days of  proceedings the subject of marine parks has featured heavily in submissions and ensuing inquiry discussions. Those who have followed the marine parks debate since its inception might take particular interest in reading the transcript of Hearing no.2, which features Professor Robert Kearney’s views on the subject.    

As a result of his individual submission, Fishing World’s editor Jim Harnwell is appearing before the Legislative Council Inquiry today in Nowra.

Hearings continue in regional NSW and again in Sydney until August.

Copies of submissions can be viewed and transcripts of hearings held so far are available by clicking here.

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