Renewed calls for more transparency in seafood labelling

SEAFOOD Industry Australia (SIA), the national peak-body for the Australian seafood industry, is renewing its calls for truth in labelling, including country of origin labelling in food service, following last night’s The Sunday Project story on fish species mislabelling.

“While the sample size is quite small, we are concerned and very disappointed with the results,” SIA CEO Jane Lovell said.

“Last night’s story highlighted issues with imported seafood being passed off as more familiar Australian species. The story did not trace back along the supply chain to find the source of the mislabelling. It is possible the product was incorrectly named when imported into Australia.

“We have seen instances of imported product entering Australia with common names that did not match the scientific name. Then the lie just travels with the product to the consumer. A more stringent inspection process and better understanding of scientific and common names would help with enforcement and transparency to the consumer.” Lovell said.

Mullet incorrectly labelled as baby barramundi.

Jane Lovell also said SIA take the trust of the community very seriously, recently launching “Our Pledge” – a commitment by the Australian seafood industry to respond to community concerns.

“Truth in labelling goes to the heart of our commitment to transparency. How can the community be confident in the product they are eating if they can’t even identify Australian product when they dine out?” she said.

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