Research anglers tagging whiting for science


THE University of Melbourne is continuing to work with Victorian recreational anglers in a project funded by Recreational Fishing Licence fees that will help confirm the spawning areas for Victorian King George whiting.

King George whiting are a popular recreational species but little is known about where older whiting (around four years of age) go and spawn once they leave Port Phillip Bay and Western Port.

So, in 2017, members of clubs such as the Westernport Angling Club and St Leonards Angling Club started tagging them so we could see what the whiting were up to.

A total of 260 have been tagged so far and the results indicate that younger whiting tend to stay in the same area, or possibly move and then return to the same location on a frequent basis.

Fishers are still catching some large (40 cm+) whiting, but they are harder to find this year, most likely because some have now moved out onto the coast. As this movement offshore occurs we are hopeful of receiving some recaptures from further afield in the near future.

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