Samurai X-Tracta jig rods

THE all new Samurai X-Tracta Light Jigging rods are lightweight, balanced and comfortable to use for hours on end.

Built using class leading Fuji K Series SiC guides and Fuji components throughout, they are strong, tough and have been specifically designed after countless hours on the water. 

They exhibit a sweet tip return and bottom end power to allow your jig to fall seductively and bounce slowly right in the strike zone, while still allowing you to get the fish up.

The blank is ultra thin yet strong, has a super smooth medium action and is available in four models ranging from a 40g right up to a heavy 120g model.

As with all Samurai rods, the finish is exceptional with blue and gold highlights, sturdy and comfortable duralon grips and Fuji’s lock nut for added security.inline_129_
Model: XTL-40 Length: 6’0 Pieces: 1 Jig weight: 40g PE: 0.4-1.0PE
Model: XTL-60 Length: 6’0 Pieces: 1 Jig weight: 60g PE: 0.8-1.5PE
Model: XTL-80 Length: 6’0 Pieces: 1 Jig weight: 80g PE: 0.8-1.5PE
Model: XTL-120 Length: 6’0 Pieces: 1 Jig weight: 120g PE: 1.0-2.0PE

More info: Frogleys Offshore (02) 6681 3988 or

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