See fish through Mako Rose coloured lenses

MAKO Eyewear says the introduction of its new Rose lens with a Green Mirror (G2H5) and the Mako High Definition Filter builds on the previous top selling Copper and Blue Mirror combination currently available in Mako’s Blade frame.

Initially available only in the GT frame, the G2H5 lens is designed to be exceptionally comfortable as a result of the ultra lightweight crown glass used in its construction. The internal Green mirror also offers scratch resistance and durability for those operating in salty environments.

Mako says the Rose base colour has been tested thoroughly and has been chosen due to its high contrast capabilities. Contrast is determined by the differences in the brightness and colour of one object versus other objects within the same field of vision.

In short, the G2H5 lens makes those differences more obvious, meaning it heightens the differences in brightness and colour that make objects discernable to the human eye. By doing so it allows you to see more structure and fish at a greater depth.

The Green Mirror has been incorporated due to its ability to add clarity and creates a lens that is wearable all day by reflecting just enough of that bright sunlight without inhibiting the operation of the rose lens’ key attributes.

Finally, the Mako High Definition (HD) Filter further enhances your view by removing some yellow and orange wavelengths of light that cause blurring, especially at distance. This results in a clearer view at a greater distance than what is available with the naked eye. Mako has carefully constructed this lens to be a superior sight fishing lens for inshore and any sight fishing applications.

The technology that goes into each Mako product is carefully considered and built for a purpose, whether that be general or task specific outdoor activities. With arguably the largest range of glass lenses on the market, there is a lens perfect for any application.

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