Seeds for Snapper rejuvenating Cockburn Sound’s snapper sanctuary

COCKBURN Sound’s seagrass meadows are an important nursery ground for so many of Western Australia’s favourite fish, including blue swimmer crabs, whiting, squid and snapper. The “Sound” provides safe, accessible fishing for a wide range of fishers including kayakers and tinny owners.

Unfortunately, Cockburn Sound has lost 80 per cent of its seagrass meadows, but Seeds for Snapper is helping to rejuvenate these juvenile fish havens through a terrific re-seeding program.

The OzFish Unlimited-led program, funded by the state’s recreational fishing licence money through the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Fund (RFIF), will host a family seeding day this saturday, 20 November, at Cockburn Power Boat Club from 10am.

Join us Recfishwest for an informative and interactive day that will include seed cleaning demonstrations, seed bagging and seed-dispersing trips out on boats to Cockburn Sound. Boat owners are also invited to help disperse seed as part of the day. The Cockburn Powerboat Club will also be having its annual open day and with a free sausage sizzle.

Register here to help hand-disperse seagrass seeds to restore the nursery habitat:

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