Shimano TwinPower FC

IF I was stranded on a deserted island, and I could choose one fishing outfit to aid in my survival, it would definitely be the versatility of a mid-sized threadline outfit. My previous 4000 sized outfit was a Shimano TwinPower FB – a sensational reel, and I’m happy to say it’s still alive and catching fish. I was keen to upgrade, and to have a dedicated soft plastic outfit rigged at the ready, as I was forever switching my existing TwinPower FB between bait and plastics when on the water.

With the reliability and smooth operation of my existing TwinPower, I was pretty keen to stay within the Shimano stable and upgrade to the (then) new TwinPower FC. I grabbed a couple of different sizes – the 4000 and a 6000. While both reels have been used frequently over the past 12 months – it’s been the smaller 4000 model that has been my go-to outfit for light to medium fishing.

I coupled it to a 5-8kg T-Curve rod, and this became my dedicated soft plastic outfit. The reel would obviously suit more applications than just SP fishing, but that has been its primary purpose in this instance. The reel has landed a stack of quality snapper to 12 kilos, which puts any drag system under some serious pressure from 30 odd metres of water.

The TP4000FC has performed faultlessly during the past 12 months. The drag in particular is ultra-smooth, and the reel overall – courtesy of 8 ball bearings – has remained smooth, free-flowing and easy to use. After each use I give the reel a quick squirt with fresh water and a little spray of Inox, and that’s been about it. There have been no signs of corrosion or wear on any of the internals. The only spec I preferred on the superseded FB model was the larger handle.

The TwinPower series slot into the mid to upper category of Shimano’s range of threadline reels. The TP4000FC retails for around $430 – not cheap, but you get a quality reel for your dollar.

Contact: Shimano on (02) 9526 2144;
By Jamie Crawford

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