SIMMS Rivershed wading boots


THE name Simms is synonymous with quality fishing apparel. In fact, many in the professional guiding scene who virtually live in their fishing clobber for an entire season will only use Simms due to the demanding nature of their work. I’ve been using a pair of Simms Rivershed wading boots for more than 12 months and can say that they certainly live up to the Simms reputation.

The Rivershed boots are designed on the principles of a quality hiking boot providing good ankle support, yet comparatively light-weight construction. What I like about them is that they are a comfortable fit straight out of the box (provided you have the right fit in the first place) largely due to the neoprene lining. This means I don’t have to try and find a couple of weeks to “wear them in” before doing a big trip somewhere. The pair I own were bought to be used with stocking foot waders and are therefore two sizes larger than my normal foot size. I still use them as wet wading boots by using neoprene socks when not wearing waders.

One problem with some wading boots is the stitching. Firstly, because the boots are almost always wet, the stitches often soften and become weak. This is compounded when sliding and wading amongst stones and rocks as the stitching can quite easily wear through, causing the boots to fall apart. To counter this, Rivershed boots have an over-sized, all round rand (front and side cover) to keep the stitches away from the vulnerable sides and toe section of the boot. There’s also a rubber capped toe box to protect from banging your toes on anything. These boots are very durable.

My Rivershed boots have the Aquastealth sole, which is designed for grip on stones as well as on the track to and from your spot. The current models have an exciting new sole design called StreamTread. This sole has what is effectively a three-headed star tread pattern, meaning that there is traction in all directions. These soles can also be enhanced by the use of the Simms HardBite screw-in steel studs for those really slimy, slippery stone bottoms. While I have been exceptionally happy with the grip provided by the Aquastealth,
I can certainly see the potential of the StreamTread and knowing that it is Simms assures me that the concept has been thoroughly tested and works.

Rivershed booys come in sizes 7 to 14 and retail for about $320.
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By Pat Brennan.

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