Skirts like rubber, but better…

JUST in time for the upcoming spring bass season, has recently announced the arrival of its new Bio-Silk skirting material for lures.

For anglers that miss the action of the old rubber skirts on their lures, this new Bio-Silk material will be welcome news. Super soft and supple, the makers of this material say it has the action to drive bass crazy. Lure Parts Online has introduced two outstanding options in this new groundbreaking material – the Classic Rubber series and the Electric Rubber series.

The new Classic Bio-Silk silicone skirt material is specially formulated to imitate those favorite classic old “chalky” rubber colours. With Classic Rubber, you get the benefits of silicone and the look and action of rubber. Anglers can choose from nine popular old colour choices and build skirts just like the ones they fished years ago.

Also new is an extensive line of piercing “electric” colours that will bring any skirt to life. Electric Bio-Silk silicone skirt material is great for accents or for full”mop” type skirts, giving anglers the best of both worlds: silicone material that looks, feels and fishes like rubber. There are twelve vivid colours to choose from.

According to CEO, Ron Stevens, “there is a buzz about this material that we haven’t heard in some time. We had no idea fishermen missed the old rubber that much.” This material is already on the shelves and ready to ship.

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