Azusa launches “off-centre” rods

ROD manufacturer Azusa has launched a new range of “off-centre” two-piece rods it says offers plenty of advantages for serious fishos. 

The maker says these advantages include: Superior power distribution – With a long tip section, supported by a short butt section off-centre cut design, the whole rod bends more smoothly than most centre cut 2-pc rods, with no flat spot in the middle.

Better weight distribution: Rod joint is a weight factor. Since the joint locates closer to the handle than the centre-cut rods, the off-centre cut rod is less top heavy – the whole rod feels light when held at the handle.

More lifting power: Unlike reversed ferrule rods, the tip end of the Auzsa’s butt section is thicker in diameter than the rear end of the tip section. The difference appears when the rod is heavily loaded. The off-centre cut rod has more fish controlling power in its rear half part.

One-piece like: According to the makers, when assembled an “invisible” joint under the stripping guide binding makes it very difficult to detect that these are two-piece rods.

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Disadvantage of off-centre rods
Despite the above benefits, since the tip stays sticking out due to its extra length when the rod is packed, there is a risk of the damage in the tip during the storage or transportation (though it does not break during fishing).

Azusa off-centre cut rods come with a tip protector which equalises the length of the tip section and the butt section. After taking the rod out of the cloth bag, the protector is removed first and kept in the bag. Then both remaining sections are joined together for fishing.

The five models in the off-centre range are: Coastal rods – ACS802LM 8′(244cm) Spin 3-6kg 7-25g; ACS862M 8’6″(259cm) Spin 4-8kg 10-35g
Inshore/Freshwater Rods – AIS702L 7’0″(213cm) Spin 1-3kg 2-7g; AIS702M 7’0″(213cm) Spin 2-5kg 4-10g; AIS702H 7’0″(213cm) Spin 4-8kg 7-21g

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