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KEEPING your fishing knives and fish hooks as sharp as possible will make the job of cleaning fish – and hooking them in the first place – as easy as possible.

Some great products from Total Knife Care now have Aussie fishos covered. Check ’em out:

Nirey Whetstones
Nirey Combination Whetstones offer two grades of grit per stone. The stones are large enough for just about any knife or tool, and come mounted on a soft silica gel non slip base.Made from Corundum (Aluminium Oxide), the dimensions are 180mm x 60mm x 27mm. The Range includes a 120/320 Grit, a 240/800 Grit, and a 1000/3000 Grit combination.

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Retractable Knife & Fish Hook Sharpener
This handy sharpening rod is perfect for sharpening knives, scalloped edge knives and fish hooks, when you are on the go! It’s the size of a pen and where ever a knife goes this sharpener should follow.


Knife Sharpening Guide
Finally! A guide that takes the worry out of keeping the correct angle on a knife when you sharpen on a stone. Simply clip this guide to the back of your knife and rest on the stone to sharpen at a 15 degree angle, every time!


More info on Nirey products available at:

Tall Tales Entertainment Utensils – in a BOOK!
Entertainment utensils have a bad habit of being lost in the cutlery draw never to be seen again. Well now they can be stored with the cook books. This “Crab and Bug Set” is the perfect gift for all seafood lovers. They are a novel gift (bad pun) and are called Tall tales for those of us who like to “tell a few!” Collect the series.

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Bolt Action Knives
Ready for action – Bolt Action Knives are now available in Australia. They come in a range of folded and fixed blades and there are options for Damascus folded metal or 58 Rockwell rated German stainless steel. When something is hand made from redwood, bone, brass and leather, magic happens!

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“Sharpening” by Alan McKee
Don’t throw it. It just needs a sharpen! A sharpen book that explains all you need to know about sharpening things. The back step, water, oil, ceramic, diamond, steels and electric systems explained. How to sharpen knives chisels and plane blades etc. It’s a great read!



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