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ACCORDING to Suntag Coordinator Bill Sawynok, it’s rare for fish that have been tagged below a weir to be recaptured above the weir, even when there is a fishway in place.

In the latest snippet of news from QLD-based Suntag, the guys have outlined three incidents of this occurring, which is usually associated with flooding – not surprising considering the summer we’ve just had! The three examples of tagged fish that had moved up river past a barrier included:

  • Barramundi tagged on Fitzroy River 9/3/2010, recaptured Alligator Creek 14/4/2012 after 772 days (2.1 years); Anglers – Peter Murphy, Ian Smith; Growth 260-810mm; Movement 44km up river past barrage.
  • Barramundi tagged Pioneer River 7/3/2010, recaptured 17/4/2012 Pioneer River after 776 days (2.1 years); Anglers – Shane Hamill, Shayla Stanley; Growth 380-770mm; Movement 13km up river past Dumbleton Weir.
  • Barramundi tagged Fitzroy River 6/5/2010, recaptured Alligator Creek 14/4/2012 after 709 days (1.9 years); Anglers – Peter Murphy Byron Shepherd; Growth 485mm (250mm/year); Movement 58km up river past barrage.

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