Take 10 – Fisho Q&A

1 Name and birthplace?
Mick Fletoridis, Canberra.

2 When did you first start fishing?
My earliest memory of fishing was at Malua Bay on the NSW South Coast where my grandfather took me rock fishing. I was about five at the time. I managed to catch a bunch of “silver bream” – which in hindsight were probably sweep – on a little fibreglass rod with a wooden handle and red plastic sidecast reel. I was hooked from that day.


Tailor time on a recent Fisho trip to Northern NSW.

3 When did you start writing for Fisho?
I had my first article State of Origin published in ’93 by then editor Gil Schott after a fly fishing trip I did with mates to Mornington Island. It was pretty exciting to see my first article in print and in my favourite magazine!
I sent my first ever attempts at fishing writing to Fisho founder Ron Calcutt when I was a teenager. While Ron (rightly) rejected my stories he gave me some valuable encouragement which later helped me improve my writing and eventually become published – I still have those treasured letters from Ron.

 _715_ Clair bass 610.jpg

Bass are one of the Fisho assistant editor’s favourite sportfish.

4 What’s your favourite form of fishing?
I love the challenge of fly fishing and any visual form of fishing with lure or fly. Surface fishing is a favourite because it usually combines both visual and audible elements which it makes it pretty damn exciting! Have also been enjoying doing more kayak fishing over the last few years.

5 What do you enjoy about writing for a fishing magazine?
I enjoy the process of starting with an idea or topic and developing it into a piece someone may enjoy reading or gain some useful information from. Seeing my words in print never gets tired, although coming up with new ideas is definitely more challenging these days as I’ve found I don’t get as many opportunities to fish as I used to.

6 Who do you most admire in the fishing media and why?
It would have to be David Green who constantly amazes me with the quality of material he writes, considering the pressure that must come from his “real job”. I’ve been lucky enough to fish with Greeny a few times and his analytical insight of fishing and overall enthusiasm for the sport is infectious. I also admire Jim Harnwell for his journalistic professionalism and quality of writing and his tireless efforts in fighting for Australian rec fishers’ rights – and importantly, for giving me a job at Fisho!
I also greatly admire the writings of Rod Harrison whose earlier stories I always found inspirational – especially pieces like “Murrumbidgee dreaming” from the ’80s. Other fishing writers I rate highly are Steve Starling, Bushy and Dean Butler.

 _672_ Awoonga November 06 152 550.jpg

Night moves – a solid Lake Awoonga barra caught at around 2.30am while fishing with David Green.

7 What do you reckon is the best or most satisfying article you’ve written for Fisho?
I’m not sure I’ve written anything that’s in the class of the blokes I’ve mentioned, but some stories I wrote on fishing in Papua New Guinea and Cape York were enjoyable to write.

8 What camera gear do you use?
Canon 40D & 7D. Canon lenses: 24-70mm L series; 10-22mm; 50mm 1.4; 70-200 F4. CANON 580ez flash. Go Pro Hero 2 and Hero 3 Black Edition, Sony DSC-RX100 compact.

9 What advice can you give anyone wanting to get into the fishing media?
Don’t expect to get rich! If you’re hoping to get articles published try and do everything you can to know the subject you’re writing about, without coming across like a know all! Avoid “I went fishing with my mates” style stories and always strive to improve your writing skills – being able to write articles that provide useful information and are enjoyable to read takes practice (I’m still learning!).
If you hope to get published in fishing magazines like Fisho having good photographic skills is a big advantage. While writing (in general) can be improved by good editing skills, out of focus or badly exposed or composed photos can’t.

 _649_ red 550.jpg

Mick and a nice Coffs Harbour red.

10 What’s your favourite fishing destination?
Christmas Island, Kirabati; Arnhemland Northern Territory; Cape York; Lake Eucumbene; Nymboida River Northern NSW; anywhere away from the crowd…

 _905_ me 550.jpg

Bonefish paradise – Christmas Island is one of Mick’s favourite destinations.  

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