Zerek Live Cherabin

THE Zerek Live Cherabin was the winner of the Best Soft Lure award at the recent AFTA tackle show.

If you love the Zerek Live Shrimp, you won’t be able to resist the Zerek Live Cherabin.

Taking everything we learnt from the massive success of the Zerek Live Shrimp we added a few more tantalizing features creating the Zerek Live Cherabin.

It has proven to be irresistible to most fish species already hooking everything from Snapper to Amberjack.

Featuring long tentacles and front legs that create a subtle vibration under the water combined with the rattle is a dream come true for hungry fish.

The 6” Zerek Live Cherabin comes pre-rigged with a weighted weedless hook but a BONUS salt water jig head is included in the pack making it ready to fish straight out of the box!

* Unique leg moving action creating underwater vibrations

* Long tentacles vibrate underwater attracting fish to the bait

* Rigging slots in the body to shield hook making the lure super snag resistant whilst maintaining great hook up ability

* Lumo Eyes

* Life-Like/ Realistic Colour range

* In built rattle chamber

* Hollow main chamber for easy hook up

* Comes pre rigged with weighted weedless hook

* 6” Comes with bonus Saltwater Jig Head

* Unique segmented tail held together with Kevlar matting giving a very realistic swimming action while giving maximum durability


RRP: $ 14.95 (6”)

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