Take 10 – Fisho Q&A

Take 10 – Fishing World Q&A

1 Name and birthplace?
Shane Chalker born in Newcastle in 1974.

2 When did you first start fishing?
I can’t remember exactly when I grew up living at lighthouses, so mum and dad always fished, both my grandfathers were fishermen so I suppose there was no escaping it really.

3 When did you start writing for Fisho?
I’m more a photographer than a writer although I have had a go at writing a few articles. It all started with an email that I sent to a mate Chris Maconachie with a photo attached of a bream underwater that he forwarded onto his mate Jim Harnwell and the rest is history. That was about four or more years ago now.


Chalker with his first Melville Island barra.

4 What’s your favourite form of fishing?
I’m pretty guilty of loving all types of fishing (with the exception of fishing for blackfish, I’ll save that till I’m older). At the moment I love fishing surface in estuaries for bream and whiting and although I haven’t done a lot of it I love bass fishing. I love the anticipation of heading wide and deep not knowing whether it’s going to be an amazing day or a fizzer.

5 What do you enjoy about shooting for a fishing magazine?
I find it very gratifying to see images I’ve created go to print. To have people come up out of the blue and say “I’ve seen that cool shot in the fishing mag you took” that’s pretty cool.

inline_657_ 550.jpg

Chalker’s stunning underwater images have received international photography awards.

6 Who do you most admire in the fishing media and why?
Crazily enough I admire Rex Hunt. I believe he was the first person I’d seen catch and release fish; I thought at the time that this was truly ridiculous. Fast forward 20 years and I love nothing more than to catch a fish and release it to fight another day.

inline_286_ 550.jpg

Black marlin.

7 What do you reckon is the best or most satisfying article you’ve written for Fisho?
I wrote an article on Forster Tuncurry, my home town and was stoked to see that go to print but the most satisfying moment I’ve had in Fisho was probably seeing my cover photo of ET with a big snapper at Coffs Harbour.

8 What camera gear do you use?
I love my canon EOS 1D mark 4. I also have a custom built Aquatech water housing for this rig.

10 What’s your favourite fishing destination?
I love home but the few adventures I’ve been lucky to go on for Fisho to New Caledonia and Melville Island were amazing with new species encountered.

inline_846_ 550.jpg
Bream on a lure.

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