Take 10 – Fisho Q&A

1 Name and birthplace?
Dean Butler, born in Melbourne Victoria.

2 When did you first start fishing?
I started when I was about 12 years old on the banks of the Yarra River drowning worms for roach, redfin, Macquarie perch and eels.

3 When did you start writing for Fisho?
My first piece for Fishing World was about catching yellowbelly and trout in Blowering Dam around the early ’80s.

4 What’s your favourite form of fishing?
Shallow water sight casting with a fly rod.
Barramundi fishing.

5 What do you enjoy about writing for a fishing magazine?
In the past I have always found it pretty cool to be able to share new techniques and new destinations with fishermen through the pages of a fishing magazine and in particular the chance to work with the magazines to showcase exciting images of various fishing experiences.

inline_750_ 2 550.jpg
  Deano with a solid king he caught while jigging about halfway between Australia and New Zealand.

6 Who do you most admire in the fishing media and why?
Lefty Kreh – I read his books as a kid and learned so much and to this day I still learn from his writings even if it’s just a short note or email – he is a legend.
In the past Ron Calcutt and Rod Harrison — they were at the very forefront of sport and gamefishing in Australia and set the standard way back then for so much of what is still current today, including the foundations of what makes Fishing World magazine what it is today. I also admire Dave Green for his commitment to throughly understanding every single facect of the fishing he undertakes and the ease in which he communicates this info to the readers of the magazine. I also can’t believe how he writes so much good stuff and still manages to go to work each day.

7 What do you reckon is the best or most satisfying article you’ve written for Fisho?
I did one a long time ago which was fun – “The Estuary of Life ” and I always liked the first story I did about Blue Vaughan’s fishing camp at One Tree Beach in the Kimberley. Then there were a couple I did on exploring the South Coast of New Britain in PNG for black and spottail bass – Stuff I guess from the good old days.

8 What camera gear do you use?
My stuff is out of date – Nikon D2x with 24 – 80 and 80 to 200 F 2.8 lens.

9 What advice can you give anyone wanting to get into the fishing media?
Make sure you know the subject you plan to cover inside out, avoiding writing blow by blow accounts of your fishing outings. Listen to people who know more about the subject/ species destination or technique than you do and give credit where credit is due. Try to be honest to yourself and your readers and don’t write something you don’t think’s right just for a free trip, fishing rod, reel or lure. Avoid using the world ‘I’ as much as possible, look for different angles in the subjects you write about and the pictures you take and most importantly don’t give up your day job.

10 What’s your favourite fishing destination?
Anywhere – 30 years ago…
I have been lucky to have travelled to heaps of great places fishing and I guess the destinations I plan to go back to in the future are my favourites – The Kimberley – The Gulf – The Florida Keys.

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