TESTED: Fin-Nor Mega Lite 2000

Smooooth Drag!

THE 2000 is the smallest in Fin-Nor’s Mega Lite series, which also includes a 3000 and 4000. Featuring a cork disc drag, six bearings, a magnetic anti-reverse system and corrosion resistant machined
aluminium body, spool and handle, the Mega Lite 2000 comes across as a durable and functional spin reel for estuary and inshore situations. With a retrieve ratio of 5.2:1 and rated to hold about 140 yards of 6lb mono, we squeezed 150m of 20lb Rovex braid on our test reel and took it snapper fishing. Second cast, seven kilos of prime Coffs Harbour reddie came aboard. This fish put the little Fin-Nor’s drag
to the test in a big way. And the various rat kings and amberjack which followed revealed the cork drag to be extremely smooth out of the box; impressively smooth, in fact, for a reel which will retail or about $220.

The reel itself is attractive without being glitzy with a black body, stainless screws and pale gold anodised handle and spool. The knurled drag knob could be off-putting for fishos used to the low profile versions available on most other reels. This raised knob and spring set-up is a bit clunky looking and there’s no clicker system employed so it’s initially difficult to assess your drag setting. Performance seemed pretty good during our testing sessions with the reel’s gearing system feeling – and sounding – solid and firm.

There’s a bit of play in the anti-reverse and the reel is certainly heavier than more pricey Japanese models. The reel was exposed to quite a bit of saltwater before being washed and given a wipe with an
oily rag. Now, some weeks after the initial test, there’s no sign of corrosion, although I note there is quite a bit of grease or oil inside the spool that’s come out of the cork drag system. For not too much
money, Fin-Nor gives you a solid little reel with what seems to be a very good drag system.

Jarvis Walker on (03) 8787 6900;

By Jim Harnwell


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