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TESTED: Quantum Catalyst CT20PTI-B

Catalyst for fun

UNTIL recently I’d only ever seen Quantum fishing reels in those telephone book sized American tackle catalogues that mysteriously found their way to my mail box year after year. This particular
spin reel is the Quantum Catalyst CT20 PTi-B (PT stands for performance tuned) – roughly a 2500 size – which according to company literature is a totally redesigned model for 2009. We tested the freshwater-only model, which won’t be available locally. The saltwater model will, however, be available. It’s the same reel as tested, except it will feature anti-corrosion protection, an extra bearing and a silver metallic colour.

On a recent Coffs Harbour trip the test Catalyst was spooled up with 200m of six pound FireLine and matched to a medium/light Loomis Bronzeback spin rod. Spooling up highlighted the reel’s overall smoothness; the gearing feels precise and the reel sports PT hybrid polymer-stainless steel bearings.

During a few days offshore fishing the little Catalyst proved itself as a capable light weapon after many bouts with legal sized kings on soft plastics and metals. Those hot-to-trot 60-70cm kings gave the reel many good workouts. The outfit was also passed around the boat for some group appraisal and seemed to impress all who had a turn with it. Fisho’s ad man Chris Yu hooked a serious fish while using the Catalyst on the last day of a snapper comp we’d entered. The fish – believed to be a solid king going by a 10kg fish editor Harnwell landed minutes earlier – had Chris putting as much pressure as possible on the light outfit. After about 10 minutes the line popped after the unseen adversary made another barnstorming run towards reef below. The Catalyst’s drag, which consists of a stacked ceramic washer system, performed smoothly throughout. Quantum says the Catalyst Pti-B features a Maglok continuous anti-reverse mechanism with a magnetic roller bearing. Apart from some sideways spool movement any noticable “play” in the reel straight out of the box was minimal.

The Catalyst Pti-B is available in four different sizes, with the CT20 being the second smallest of the range with a line capacity of 140yds of 6lb. It has 5.2:1 gearing and weighs 295gms (10.4 oz) making it favourably comparable to, if not a fraction heavier, than some similar sized Japanese reels. The Catalyst comes with a soft protective bag and a spare spool. Prices should start from around $199 RRP.

Contact: Jarvis Walker on (03) 8787 6900;

By Mick Fletoridis


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