Tested: Quantum Cabo CSP40 PTsD

WHILE the Quantum reel brand may not be particularly well known to Aussie fishos, I reckon that might be about to change, courtesy of one of the manufacturer’s recent releases – the Cabo CSP PTsD series. This particular Quantum reel – previously the PTs (Performance Tuned Saltwater) – was totally updated in 2013 and now features several refinements that should see it become very popular with fishos looking for a reliable quality reel at a reasonable price.

I recently tried out a new Cabo CSP40 PTsD while in the Northern Territory. The CSP40 is the smallest reel of the range which also encompasses, 50, 60 and 80 models. The 40 and 50 have 5.3:1 gear ratios and the 60/80, 4.9:1.

Out of the box, this reel looks impressive with its silver metal body, bronze coloured aluminium handle and blue anodising on the ported spool and sealed anti-reverse bearing. It also features a sealed magnum CSC drag consisting of ceramic, carbon fibre and stainless steel washers and can apply up to a claimed 30lb (13.6kg) of pressure.

There’s also a TiMag titanium fail-proof bail system with magnetic trip, LMS line management system, super hard PT gears and seven polymer-stainless hybrid PT bearings, plus the sealed anti-reverse bearing. According to the manufacturer, the reel’s body and side cover are made from SCR alloy which provides excellent strength and corrosion resistance, along with a SaltGuard 2.0 coating applied prior to painting. The Cabo’s bail arm is made of nickel-titanium and a magnetic bail trip mechanism that’s guaranteed for life.

I loaded the CSP40 with around 200m of 20lb Rovex braid, which proved the worth of the LMS system by bedding very uniformly on the spool. Coupled with my trusty 6-8kg Shimano spin travel rod, it felt the perfect combo for some Top End sportfishing fun.

inline_828_ ptsd 2.jpg

This proved to be the case when the reel was first put to the test by some mackerel tuna of around 3-4kgs. These little speedsters had the reel’s drag singing and highlighted its smoothness. During the trip a particularly chaotic session saw the reel pass through a few hands as it was tested out by some mid-sized giant trevally which had shadowed some big queenies to our boat. Everyone who had a turn with the new Cabo was impressed, including Fisho’s David Green who’s owned an earlier model for a couple of years and can’t fault it.

inline_142_ ptsd 3.jpg

I reckon anyone in the market for a quality saltwater spin reel for throwing lures at snapper, jewies, school kings, salmon, queenies and the like won’t be disappointed by the new Cabo CSP 40 PTsD. Those after bigger targets might also want to check out the larger models in the range.

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