TESTED: Ultimate UL-100 AGM battery

MARINE batteries are one item that people install, forget about and curse in the event of subsequent failure or premature death.A good quality marine battery is a critical element in any boat, more so when that battery is required to start your engine or provide back up support in a dual battery arrangement.

Deep cycle batteries are also thrown into the mix for trailer boat operators, generally as a power source for electric motors to enable stealth-like motion and/or as a house battery to power marine electronics, lights, pumps and so on.

When setting up my current boat, I wanted a dual battery setup for starting, along with a deep cycle for my bow mount electric. The dilemma I faced was the excess weight and how to accommodate three heavy batteries – then I came across the Ultimate AGM batteries. As the name suggests they are an AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery with both deep cycle and cold cranking ability, meaning I could have one primary starting battery along with this second battery to both power my electric and provide a secondary starting battery.

In my last tinny I had a cheaper, lower quality lead acid battery with a similar dual purpose characteristic. It was a dog of a thing, requiring continual charging and hand-holding to keep it usable. Fortunately, however, the Ultimate AGM has renewed my faith in dual-purpose batteries and has exceeded my expectations.

The UL-100 model on test is a 100 amp hour, 751 CCA battery weighing 29.6kg. After many months of solid use I can report that the Ultimate AGM can sit for weeks without discharging; it easily cranks my 90hp Suzuki and can power the 12 volt 54lb electric on my heavy 5m plate boat for at least a very long full day in challenging wind and current conditions. It has been bashed around on numerous offshore trips and has given me no problems whatsoever since installation. I use an automatic three  stage smart charger and when fully charged I can leave the battery sitting for weeks, confident that I’ll have one or two days full use out of my electric motor and that I’ll also have a powerful spare cranking battery if needed.

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By Sami Omari

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