The Premium Outrigger Rigging Kit

SPORTS fishing is seeing a massive resurgence in Australia as more and more trailer boats feel the urge to get amongst the amazing fishing along the Australian coastline.

Billfish are the apex predators of the sea and therefore the most sought after target species. Outriggers are an important part of your boating equipment when fishing for billfish, but unfortunately they can be an extremely expensive commodity if purchased ready to use. If you DIY your outriggers then you can get away with putting a set on your boat a lot cheaper.

BLA offer a custom Outrigger rigging kit that comes with all the necessary items for you to outfit a set of Outrigger Poles called ‘The Premium Outrigger Rigging Kit’.
This kit is designed to suit one pair of outriggers that have a maximum length of 6.5 metres. The kit includes the following: 2 x Trip-ese releases, 2 x Shock cords with stainless steel snap hooks and pulleys, 2 x Barrel swivels, 4 x Snap swivels, 2 x Crimps, 2 x stainless steel deck saddles and screws, 2 x Balsa floats and 30m x UV protected dacron line.

All these items come packed in a convenient mesh bag with clear front. This pack is not only something for the first time user but is also a great item to either replace old outrigger ropes, or to have as a back up on your boat in case one of your existing riggers fails.

With an RRP of under $150 the ‘Premium Outrigger Rigging Kit’ is well worth checking out. For more info visit

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